Feed the Poor (to Whom?) – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

by Pascal Marcel Wagner

The following guest post is a translated and revised version of a commentary that originally appeared on Pixeldiskurs.

A “god of steel and steam” is how Victorian industrialist Oswald Mandus describes the core of his Meat Processing Company in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (The Chinese Room, Frictional Games, 2013): a sausage-making machine as big as an entire city and bored deep into the ramshackle core of London. A holistic meat grinder that accompanies the slaughter animal from birth to sausage. The farm animal is born, raised, fattened, stunned, slaughtered and cured in it. The machine is so efficient that it requires no human input apart from its maintenance and cleaning. It spits out so much sausage meat that the bloody mass pulsates in streams and floods through the factory’s innards. The boundaries to modern slaughterhouses and sausage factories are blurred here.

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